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2011 Census – Profile of the Australian Catholic Community

Following the 2011 national Census, the Pastoral Research Office shared this profile of Australian Catholics who constitute 25.3% of the Australian population.

2008 ACBC Report on Mass Attendance

A report on Mass Attendance was released in 2008 and is available here. It shares the results of the 2006 National Count of Attendance, a National Church Life Survey and the Australian Census.

It revealed that around 13.8 per cent of Australia’s 2006 Catholic population attended Mass on any given weekend.

Updated figures are expected in mid-2012. Information about the 2011 National Church Life Survey is available here.

2009 Survey of Catholic Religious Institutes in Australia

A survey commissioned by Catholic Religious Australia (CRA), the peak body for leaders of religious orders and institutes in Australia, and
undertaken by the Pastoral Planning Office of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

An article on the survey and the final report, entitled, ‘See, I am doing a new thing!’, is available here.

2007 ACBC Report on ‘Catholics Who Have Stopped Attending Mass’

This report identified both ‘Church-centred’ and ‘participant-centred’ reasons why Catholics in Australia stop attending Mass.

You can read it here and perhaps discuss it with your friends, family and parish community to see if it resonates with your own experience.

2007 ACBC Report on Pastoral Strategies flowing from the above report

Following on from the initial report on non-attendance at Mass, this report offered some pastoral strategies that may aid Dioceses like our own encourage participation in Eucharistic liturgy.

It identifies the importance of developing community identity, personal identity, the importance of leadership, and mission and outreach.


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