Pastoral Planning for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

Supporting our Families

Family_2Our Diocese includes many thousands of families that are crucial for the transmission of life, Catholic faith, values and vocations. As cradles of life and love, each family can contribute to the growth and evangelising mission of our Church in a variety of ways, through their witness of communion, involvement in parish life and in the wider community, by undertaking opportunities for faith formation, involvement in ecclesial movements and lay associations, and living as disciples in the everyday conditions of their life.

Here are some suggestions to help families bring Faith in Our Future to life:

1. For many of families the local parish is the most immediate experience of the Church as a community of faith. By reading through the parish actions in this Pastoral Plan (available here), families will find a number of initiatives and activities that will be of interest to them as opportunities to participate in the mission of our Church. Get in touch with your parish priest, parish team, family group coordinator or the relevant parish ministry group to express your interest in getting involved.

2. Many families are connected to our Catholic school communities. Included in this Pastoral Plan are a number of initiatives by our Catholic Education Office which will be of interest to these families (click here). As well, many of the parish actions outlined in Faith in Our Future provide opportunities for school families to get involved in their local parish communities through ways of worship and prayer, service and outreach, community building and family groups, among others.

3. A range of formation and support services are available in the Diocese, including:

To find out more about our diocesan agencies and the support, click the ‘Your Agencies’ tab at the top of this website.

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