Pastoral Planning for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

Celebrating our Diversity

diversityThe Catholic Church in Australia has been strengthened in many ways by the arrival of migrants. They have increased its membership and have enabled the Church to know itself better. Catholic migrants have brought to Australia symbols, practices and devotions which add visible substance to the Church’s catholicity. Migrants and refugees enrich the Church’s openness to, and inclusiveness of, all peoples and cultures.

– Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, 2000

Our Diocese is among the most multiethnic and multicultural in the world. One-quarter of the Catholics in our Diocese were born overseas in a non-English speaking country (25.5%) and more than a quarter of our Catholics speak a language other than English at home (28.4%).

In welcoming persons from overseas, our parishes, schools, agencies and individual members are mindful of the riches of culture, tradition and experience that migrants bring to their new home. Many migrants share our Catholic faith and enrich the life of the Diocese through their witness and participation in parish life and other forms of Christian community.

Our migrant communities will find of particular interest the list of parish actions contained within our Diocesan Pastoral Plan. These parish actions can be downloaded and read here. (Note that translations of our Pastoral Plan are also available in a number of languages. Please contact us, the Pastoral Planning Office, or your relevant migrant chaplaincy for more information).

A step-by-step implementation guide has been prepared specifically for migrant communities, allowing your members to discuss and select which of the parish actions best suits the needs and potential of your community. The guide can be downloaded here.

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