Pastoral Planning for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

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The Way of Mercy

May 16, 2016

The Way of Mercy is a diocesan-wide initiative of the Pastoral Planning Office in cooperation with the Year of Mercy Committee, centred upon the journey of a large cross of mercy. Where possible, the Cross will be accompanied by a relic of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and a letter penned by Blessed Teresa… Read More ›

Engaging with Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Gatherings of people who not only talk about asylum seekers and refugees, but bring our brothers and sisters from across the seas into the heart of our gathering, to listen to their wisdom, are much needed at this time in our nation’s history. One such conference, held on Tuesday 3rd May in Lidcombe, NSW, entitled “For… Read More ›

Make A Connection This Easter

An elderly lady rang me recently. Her husband passed away last year and she is very isolated. She just wants to connect with someone. We all know someone who needs a friend: at work, in our family circle, in our neighbourhood. But we sometimes get stuck when it comes to the next step. Here are… Read More ›

New Pastoral Planning Support for 2016

  Our Pastoral Planning Office offers the following priorities for 2016: Prayer support for all our endeavours Please contact our Pastoral Planning Office if you have a particular pastoral need. We will add your intention to our prayer requests. A means for parishes and schools to have their voice heard, to celebrate the good we do,… Read More ›

The Future Shape of Faith in Our Future

St Irenaeus, theologian and saint of the second century, remarked “the Christian life is a beginning moving through beginnings to a beginning.” Later in the patristic age, a spiritual master of the east, Gregory of Nyssa, would describe every good we receive in the spiritual life as only the herald of the next, such was… Read More ›

To Keep a True Lent

As we walk in the steps of Christ this Lent, we have listened to the account of Jesus’ temptation in the desert and of his transfiguration on high, with Moses and Elijah appearing beside him, symbols of the Law and Prophets. Jesus, the divine Son of Man, keeps company with those who suffer on account… Read More ›

Lent – A Season of Spiritual Renewal

As the season of Lent approaches, we are invited to walk in the steps of Christ, to live a life of conversion marked by faith. As we hear the Word of God proclaimed over these weeks of Lent and in Holy Week and encounter Christ in the sacraments He has given, we are brought into… Read More ›

Our Achievements in 2014

The genesis of Faith in Our Future (2014-2018), the Pastoral Plan for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, lies in the faith and aspirations of its people. Representing the voices of thousands of Catholics who shared their views through the largest consultation process undertaken in the history of our Diocese, Faith in Our Future has engendered… Read More ›

A Season of Great Expectation

As the Church prepares itself for the Feast of Christmas we hear the call to ‘stay awake’ in expectation and longing for Jesus Christ, the one in whom God enters human history and who leads humanity back to God. We will soon celebrate the fact that God has not entered into a mere sympathy with… Read More ›

Faith in Our Future: A time of hope and anticipation

By Fr Paul Marshall and Daniel Ang, Pastoral Planning Team, Catholic Outlook, December 2013/January 2014 As we enter the Advent season, a time of hope and anticipation, we look ahead to the launch of Faith in Our Future, our Diocesan Pastoral Plan, in February 2014. It is time to give thanks to the many hundreds… Read More ›