Pastoral Planning for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

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The Way of Mercy

May 16, 2016

The Way of Mercy is a diocesan-wide initiative of the Pastoral Planning Office in cooperation with the Year of Mercy Committee, centred upon the journey of a large cross of mercy. Where possible, the Cross will be accompanied by a relic of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and a letter penned by Blessed Teresa… Read More ›

Engaging with Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Gatherings of people who not only talk about asylum seekers and refugees, but bring our brothers and sisters from across the seas into the heart of our gathering, to listen to their wisdom, are much needed at this time in our nation’s history. One such conference, held on Tuesday 3rd May in Lidcombe, NSW, entitled “For… Read More ›

Make A Connection This Easter

An elderly lady rang me recently. Her husband passed away last year and she is very isolated. She just wants to connect with someone. We all know someone who needs a friend: at work, in our family circle, in our neighbourhood. But we sometimes get stuck when it comes to the next step. Here are… Read More ›

How are we planning to be a light for the world in 2016?

A new year can seem a little like venturing into a dark cave, unsure of where we are heading, and if we will find a way through! Caving, or spelunking, offers five great tips for beginners and these can be applied to planning for ourselves individually, with our loved ones, and with our local community: There’s… Read More ›

Frequently Asked Questions

We have achieved successes with the plan. What do we do now? Firstly, we give thanks to God for our achievements, celebrate them with our community and share our successes with the Pastoral Planning Office to help inspire others. Secondly, we consolidate what we have achieved, rather than looking for new challenges. Ensure our existing areas… Read More ›

Can You Spot Yourself at the Manger?

Somewhere behind the decorations box and the special presents bought early and stored carefully away for Christmas (which we will no doubt be unable to locate in time), lurk the figures from the nativity scene. There they perch, maybe appearing a little chipped and worn, maybe a little dusty, but waiting for their time in the… Read More ›

How may I serve you in living God’s mission of love?

I am delighted to begin my journey with you in your service of God and our shared mission (having commenced 28 September 2015). I am married with four children, and served for over 25 years in parishes as a pastoral associate, adult faith coordinator and most recently as Director of Parish Services in the Diocese of Wollongong…. Read More ›

Growing Leadership for Mission

The season of Lent calls the whole Church to conversion, to a deeper and dedicated relationship to Christ and our neighbour. This weekend we will hear the Gospel of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Jesus claims the right of kings as he arrives on a colt and fulfils the prophecy of Zechariah 9:9 (‘Behold your… Read More ›

Breaking New Ground for Christ

As part of our commitment to respond to the gifts and needs of our people, our Pastoral Planning Office is excited to launch a new resource which will arrive in your parish in the first weeks of November and will also be made available online at our website. Earlier this year, parish priests and parish… Read More ›

A Testimony of Faith in Our Future – Zara

Our new Pastoral Plan seeks to support our people to become mature and missionary disciples. Zara, a young leader in our Diocese, shares her love of parish community as well as her hopes to grow in faith and share her faith in the years to come, “I will strive to be a better Catholic and… Read More ›