Pastoral Planning for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

Forming Missionary Disciples – NSW Pastoral Ministry Conference

Our Keynote is Fr Paul Roberts, Director of Institute for Mission and Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation in the Diocese of Parramatta. Our day includes networking with ministry leaders, ministers and volunteers around NSW and two opportunities to engage with a variety of workshops with on the ground practitioners who offer strategies for forming missionary disciples.


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NSW Pastoral Ministry Conference Flyer

Organised by Catholic Ministries Network NSW, formerly known as NSW Association of Pastors and Pastoral Associates and Parish Workers (NAPPA)

Keynote and Workshop Details. Click below for more information

Keynote Speaker – Fr Paul Roberts

Working As A Parish Team – Joys And Complexities

Belonging And Believing: Small Groups As Catalysts For Renewal

Forming Young Missionary Disciples

New Insights & Resources For Our Parishes

Forming Families In Faith

Beginning Parish Renewal With Parish Pastoral Councils

Welcome, Grow And Act: One Parish’s Journey To Intentional Discipleship

Successful Engagement Program: “Conversations About Catholics”

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Paul was initially a high school teacher before becoming one of the first group of three seminarians for the new diocese of Parramatta after it formed in 1986. He was ordained a priest in 1993. During a first appointment where the parish priest was imprisoned, Paul now sees in retrospect some quite strong influences on his unfolding sense of the relationship between ordination and the priesthood of the baptised.

Since that time he has been pastor in a few communities of the diocese, worked with vocations ministry, served appointments to diocesan bodies and undertaken some renewal studies in Chicago in 2012-13. Since 2014 his primary role has been with the Institute for Mission, an agency of the diocese focusing on the enrichment of life in faith for adults. During this phase of Paul’s ministry he has tried to keep the pastoral grounding to his vocation in the diocese, hence has continued an after-hours program of pastoral works along with a weekend schedule in parish communities.


Paul is pictured here in the mountain village of Pedong, India, in the lower Himalayas, where he has a personal mission involvement.

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Fr Michael McLean PP EV, Grace Ukich, Youth Ministry Coordinator (working 2 days per week), and Sr Antonia our Pastoral coordinator (working 2 days per week) discuss working in an inner-city parish situation where there is change in demographics and a relatively new pastoral team within the parish.

Fr Michael McLean
Fr Michael McLean PP EV
St Mark’s Parish, Drummoyne

Michael has served in a number of Sydney parishes. He is the Episcopal Vicar for Education (Schools) for the Archdiocese of Sydney covering 149 schools and 63,000 students. Michael has served on Archdiocesan Boards and Committees including CatholicCare, the Liturgy Commission, and is currently the Chair of the Sydney Archdiocese Catholic Schools Board for Sydney Catholic Schools. Michael has also worked as a Chaplain to Schools, Hospitals and Correctional Services, and was chaplain for the World Youth Day Pilgrimages at Madrid, Rio and Poland.

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This workshop will identify the importance of small group membership. It will show how Churches that create a culture of small group membership can transform the sense of belonging, nurture discipleship and gifts for the good of the community and the mission of outreach and evangelisation. Participants will walk away with the ‘faith circles’ resource as a potential tool to commence developing small group culture in Parishes.

Jude Hennessy
Jude Hennessy
Office of Renewal and Evangelisation
Diocese of Wollongong

Jude is married to Kerrie and they have two daughters. As the Director of the Director of the Office of Renewal and Evangelisation Jude is charged with management of Diocesan ministries and initiatives that propose Jesus Christ, make disciples and equip the faithful to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ in the world as members of vibrant communities of believers.

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In this Year of Youth, the Australian Bishops are asking young people to take their place as valid, important and contributing members of their Church. How can we encourage their full participation in parish life? How can we empower them to reach out to their peers with the Gospel? How can they help the rest of the Church to find new and innovative ways to minister to the needs of present and future generations? Let’s work to make the most of their energy and talents!

Sr Rosie Drum Photo
Sr Rosie Drum mgl
Assistant Director
Catholic Youth Parramatta

Sr Rosie Drum is a Missionaries of God’s Love sister and has served in youth ministry for over 16 years. She is the Assistant Director of Catholic Youth Parramatta, helping young people embrace their faith and their place in the Church.

Qwayne Guevara Photo
Qwayne Guevara
Local Engagement Leader

Catholic Youth Parramatta

Qwayne Guevara has been serving in youth ministry for over 10 years.  Currently, she is the Local Engagement Leader of Catholic Youth Parramatta, providing training and support to local leaders in ministry. She is passionate about bringing out the best in young people and creating safe and welcoming spaces of encounter. Coffee keeps her awake but God’s love keeps her going.

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Narelle and Ana’s engagement with this year’s Los Angeles Religious Education Congress afforded them key insights into fresh and effective resources for parish life. The conference offers 300 workshops with resources for parish renewal, sacramental programmes, effective teaching resources or engaging liturgies. Narelle and Ana will share riches obtained from workshops attended in the areas of pastoral ministry and sacraments.

Ana Pintos
Ana Pintos
Pastoral Associate
Our Lady Queen of Peace Greystanes


Narelle Khoury
Sacramental Coordinator
Our Lady Queen of Peace Greystanes

Ana Pintos, Pastoral Associate and Narelle Khoury, Sacramental Coordinator, both minister at Our Lady Queen of Peace, Greystanes.  They have been involved in various aspects of both parish and school ministry in a variety of settings in the areas of sacramental preparation, family ministry, welcoming and hospitality and parish pastoral council involvement. They offer more than 30 years experience combined in parish ministry work.

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Share in the successes and approaches of Family Educators in Sydney Archdiocese who engage in faith formation and evangelisation with children, parents and the wider community.

 Meredith Lemos
Meredith Lemos
Advisor – Family Educator Project
Religious Education & Evangelisation Team
Sydney Catholic Schools

Meredith Lemos has been an educator in the Archdiocese of Sydney for over 25 years. She has a degree in Education (Primary) and a Graduate Diploma in Religious Education from the Australian Catholic University.  She has held the positions of classroom teacher, Key Reference Teacher (Mathematics and Creative and Practical Arts), Religious Education Co-ordinator and Assistant Principal. She has held the senior leadership positions of Advisor: Faith Formation and Evangelisation (Acting) and Advisor: Family Faith and Evangelisation in the Religious Education and Evangelisation Directorate of the Sydney Catholic Schools Office.  She is currently the Team Leader for the Family Educator Project, which she has led since its implementation in catholic systemic primary schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney in 2010.   Meredith is also a proud wife and grateful mother of three wonderful children. 

Mouna Rouche
Mouna Roche
Project Officer – Family and Faith Project
Religious Education & Evangelisation Team
Sydney Catholic Schools

Mouna Roche has worked in Sydney Catholic Schools for 20 years. She graduated from Australian Catholic University with a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and will complete her Masters in Theological Studies mid 2018. She has held the position of Classroom Teacher (K-6) and has obtained leadership roles in Gifted Education, Early Literacy, Boys Education and Science. She began her work as a Family Educator in 2011 where she discovered her passion for New Evangelisation and Adult Faith Formation. Mouna has worked collaboratively with her Family Educator colleagues to help shape the Family and Faith Program. Mouna currently holds the leadership position of Project Officer: Family and Faith Project where she works with Family Educators, School Leadership Teams and Pastors across the Archdiocese to support the implementation of the Family and Faith Program. Mouna is married to John and together they have three beautiful children

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This workshop will present and provide sample strategies and formation sessions enabling the breaking open of “Divine Renovation”, National Church Life Survey (NCLS) data and the Australian Catholic Bishops’ “Building Stronger Parishes” with Parish Pastoral Councils to encourage bold thinking and decisions that lead to renewal.

Darren McDowell
Coordinator of Evangelisation and Discipleship
Diocese of Wollongong

As a key member of the of the Office of Renewal and Evangelisation, Darren is charged with a variety of responsibilities, notably working with Parishes to deliver formation, develop plans and implement practical strategies to bring about cultural transformation and renewal within Parishes. Darren has vast experience in Adult Faith formation and pastoral planning, and in 2017 oversaw the participation in and utilisation of NCLS results by Parishes to identify key priorities needed for transformation. He has responsibility for enacting key principles from Divine Renovation and the ACBC document, building stronger parishes.

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Share in one parish’s story of amalgamation and from that, developing a mission to live the great commission – to go and make disciples – with a focus on growing ministry, empowering leaders and welcoming all to our community.

Lisa Bright
Pastoral Associate
Mary Queen of the Family Blacktown

Lisa has worked and volunteered in various areas of Church and charities for the past 20 years and continues to share her passion for her faith with others.

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This is a four-session dialogue-based program, home grown in Mudgee Parish, Bathurst, designed to welcome and connect families with each other, to the wider community and to the Church. The aim is to help people to be part of the community and part of the Church and so gain a sense of belonging. It has proven a simple and effective way to engage families in Catholic culture and faith life and is now employed across a number of dioceses.

Sr Alice Sullivan
Sr Alice Sullivan RSJ
Pastoral Assistant – Cathedral Parish

Catherine Connor
Catherine Connor
REC  – Assumption School Bathurst

The presenters are Sr Alice Sullivan rsj, pastoral assistant at St Michal & St John Cathedral Parish and Mrs Catherine Connor REC at Assumption School in Bathurst Diocese. Both have had significant experience with leading and animating the Conversations about Catholics Program.

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