Pastoral Planning for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

People’s Councils offer Fresh Voices and Fresh Hearts


In late September 2017, Bishop Vincent Long invited nominations for both Deanery Pastoral Councils and the Diocesan Pastoral Council. Throughout October, people from across our diocese nominated themselves or others to these councils, local priests endorsed their nominations, and in late November, appointments were announced. The new members gathered with Bishop Vincent for a formation day on Saturday 2 December and the councils commence their work in early 2018.

Diocesan Pastoral Council Members
Central Deanery Pastoral Council Members
Eastern Deanery Pastoral Council Members
Mountains Deanery Pastoral Council Members
Northern Deanery Pastoral Council Members
Western Deanery Pastoral Council Members

Why do we need advisory councils?

Ever since the early church, councils have been part of its identity. Our church recognises the need to listen carefully to its members before racing into decisions. Things are no different today. Our diocese already includes a Council of Priests, offering Bishop Vincent advice from members of the clergy. These new councils will complement this existing council with the voice of lay people.

These new bodies, aligning with our Pastoral Plan, Faith in our Future, will seek to strengthen the growing and sharing of faith in Christ within our diocese. Their membership includes a broad cross-section of people drawn from different places in the diocese and from different backgrounds and experiences.

What is the role of our Diocesan and Deanery Pastoral Councils?

Diocesan Pastoral Councils are described as being; “under the authority of the Bishop… to study and weigh those matters which concern the pastoral works in the diocese, and to propose practical conclusions concerning them.” (Code of Canon Law, article 511). Bishop Vincent will consult with the Diocesan Pastoral Council concerning pastoral realities, directions and possible strategies as well as priorities to support the ongoing formation of the diocese’s people and the diocese’s character. The council will actively maintain communication with the five Deanery Pastoral Councils. Importantly, its members do not represent particular parishes, but rather the broad sweep of the diocese.

Our Deanery Pastoral Councils will focus on common efforts across deanery regions for the mission of evangelisation, such common efforts also being envisaged in the Diocesan Pastoral Plan, Faith in Our Future. The Deanery Pastoral Council process includes a wider forum component to welcome the participation of others from the deanery. The forum opportunity will occur at least twice per year. Each Deanery Pastoral Council consists of up to two lay representatives from each parish in the deanery.

Further information is available from our diocesan website

Membership of Councils

Diocesan Pastoral Council


Members listed below have their parish included, but importantly, they are appointed to represent whole of diocese, rather than their local community:

Seethal Bency; Westmead
Leonard Blahut; Lawson (Deputy Chair)
David Buckley; Blackheath
Margaret Currie; St Clair (Secretary)
Ryan Hutton; Quakers Hill
Padmi Pathinather; Greystanes (Chairperson)
[Name withheld]
John Portelli; Granville
Sr Grace Roclawska; CSFN Plumpton
Sr Catherine Slattery SGS; Blacktown
Michael Tan; Kellyville
Leo Tucker; Penrith
Mei Velasco; Marayong
Kiera Warda; Glenmore Park
Kevin Wilson; Toongabbie
Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv;
Richard McMahon, Ex-officio

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Central Deanery Pastoral Council


Antoinette Mangion; Blacktown
Phillipe Dulawan; Blacktown
Michael Adolphe; Doonside
Laurie Butiegieg; Doonside
Gary Cluff; Greystanes
Henanita Fatu; Greystanes
Gerry Adolphe; Lalor Park
Maria Power; Lalor Park
Anthony Culbert; Marayong (Secretary)
Fred Inglis; Marayong
Davis D’Souza; Plumpton
Socorro Morgan; Plumpton
Gerald Oblea; Quakers Hill
Carmelle Cuanan; Rooty Hill
Angelo Tamayo; Rooty Hill
John Jordan; Seven Hills (Deputy Chair)
Judy Barden; Seven Hills
Vicki Baiada; Toongabbie
Bill Ryan; Toongabbie (Chair)
Fr Paul Marshall; Greystanes – Dean
Danielle Gardner; Wentworthville

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Eastern Deanery Pastoral Council


Michael Guillema; Cathedral
Priya Remigius; Cathedral (Deputy)
Lauren Chehade; Dundas Valley
Margaret Flitcroft; Dundas Valley
Richard Zaiter; Granville
Rosette Chidiac; Granville
Claudette Takchi; Granville East
Harry Stephens; Granville East
Kathryn Newman; Guildford
Sharmila Falzon; Guildford (Secretary)
Larry Mockler; Merrylands (Chair)
Grey Fingleton; Westmead
Fr Bob Bossini; Cathedral – Dean
Jackie Perumal; Harris Park
Susan O’Donell; Harris Park
Charles Lukasik; North Parramatta

Rydalmere yet to confirm members

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Mountains Deanery Pastoral Council


Brian Bright; Blackheath
Michelle Davis; Blackheath
Kay Walker; Emu Plains
Carol Burke; Emu Plains
Mark Walker; Glenbrook (Deputy Chair)
Matthew Twyford; Glenbrook (Secretary)
Jennifer McPhee; Katoomba
Zelko Livaic; Katoomba
Carol Teodori; Lawson
Maureen Ryan; Lawson
Kim Crawford; Springwood
Vic O’Callaghan; Springwood (Chair)
Fr Jolly Chacko; Glenbrook – Dean

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Northern Deanery Pastoral Council


Anne Lockwood; Baulkham Hills (Secretary)
Wendy Goonan; Baulkham Hills (Chair)
[Name Withheld]; Castle Hill
John Abernethy; Castle Hill
Leonard Pinto; Kellyville
Paul Fameron; Kellyville
Sue Martin; Kenthurst (Deputy Chair)
Lorraine Murphy; North Rocks
Peter Elchaar; North Rocks
Rowena Osmero; Glenwood-Stanhope Gardens
Gary Lee; Glenwood-Stanhope Gardens
Fr Ian McGinnity; North Rocks – Dean
Jill Cruz; Winston Hills
John Neylan; Winston Hills

Rouse Hill yet to confirm members

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Western Deanery Pastoral Council


Mary Dalli; Cranebrook
Michael Blair; Cranebrook (Chair)
John Svoboda; Emerton (Deputy Chair)
Gilbert Grech; Glenmore Park
Mary Prazak; Kingswood
Sunny Kiliroorparampil; Kingswood
Carmel Fenton; Luddenham-Warragamba
Jeanette Borg; Luddenham-Warragamba
Joaquim Mendes; Mt Druitt South
Vinod Nagaraja; Mt Druitt South
Anne Maree Pletkan; Penrith
Reena Mukherjee; Penrith
Cathy Richmond; Richmond
Geoffrey Pirotta; St Clair
Marlowe James Perfecto; St Clair (Secretary)
Moussa Seecy; St Marys
Stella Buhagiar; St Marys
Cita Adams; Windsor
Fr Andrew Fornal OP; Kingswood – Dean
Cathy Downey; Riverstone
Rosana Brown; Riverstone

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Photography: Alphonsus Fok

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