Pastoral Planning for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

Frequently Asked Questions

2. FaithInOurFuture - FinalWe have achieved successes with the plan. What do we do now?

Firstly, we give thanks to God for our achievements, celebrate them with our community and share our successes with the Pastoral Planning Office to help inspire others.

Secondly, we consolidate what we have achieved, rather than looking for new challenges. Ensure our existing areas of sharing our faith and growing our faith are strong.

Thirdly, we listen to the voice of our community, and to the voices hard to hear, on the margins. Our Pastoral Planning Office welcomes the opportunity to facilitate a forum with your community (or group of communities) on the best way forward.


We are new to the plan or have had a number of false starts. The plan is so big. Where do we begin?

Firstly, look to what we are already doing as a community in service of Christ and His mission. Our existing initiatives in welcome, hospitality, service, worship and fellowship are all within the boundaries of the plan. We are not “beginning” but seeking to enhance the good we are already doing.

Secondly, we are not asked to do everything in the plan. Rather, the spirit of the plan asks us to consider how our ministries and services are actually sharing and growing our faith.

Sometimes we need to do less, and focus more on what Jesus Christ is calling us to be and do.

Our Pastoral Planning Office welcomes the opportunity to work with your community, establishing achievable goals and offering the resources you need to make a good return to the Lord!

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