Pastoral Planning for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

Month: February 2016

How are we planning to be a light for the world in 2016?

A new year can seem a little like venturing into a dark cave, unsure of where we are heading, and if we will find a way through! Caving, or spelunking, offers five great tips for beginners and these can be applied to planning for ourselves individually, with our loved ones, and with our local community: There’s… Read More ›

New Pastoral Planning Support for 2016

  Our Pastoral Planning Office offers the following priorities for 2016: Prayer support for all our endeavours Please contact our Pastoral Planning Office if you have a particular pastoral need. We will add your intention to our prayer requests. A means for parishes and schools to have their voice heard, to celebrate the good we do,… Read More ›

Frequently Asked Questions

We have achieved successes with the plan. What do we do now? Firstly, we give thanks to God for our achievements, celebrate them with our community and share our successes with the Pastoral Planning Office to help inspire others. Secondly, we consolidate what we have achieved, rather than looking for new challenges. Ensure our existing areas… Read More ›