Pastoral Planning for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

St Patrick’s Cathedral Parish – 13 March 2012

Spirit and mission at the Cathedral Parish


Some seventy parishioners made for a lively conversation at St Patrick’s Cathedral Parish on Tuesday 13th March.

230 x 153 parishioners1-5The consultation brought together parishioners from Parramatta as well as North Parramatta and Harris Park.

Bishop Anthony joined us and affirmed the growth of our Diocese as a remarkable opportunity for evangelisation and pastoral care, a sign of hope for the living and sharing of the Gospel in future years.

parishioners2-4When discussion began, participants identified young adults as a potential area of response, especially single young adults and young professionals who may not feel comfortable in either the context of family groups or the younger youth groups currently on offer.

The need to encourage familiarity with the story of newly arrived migrants was highlighted, as were pilgrimages and feast days as vital means of sharing in and celebrating the diversity of our people.

st pats parishioners3-2It was important to hear of initiatives that were engaging people in faith and an active sense of community in the local area. The richness of parish experience offers possibilities for the Diocese as a whole to consider in the months ahead.

Another notable emphasis on the evening was the need for effective communication, both in terms of sharing the richness of Catholic faith in the wider community and raising awareness of the pastoral programs and events that are available even now within our Church.

st pats danielIn listening to the responses of the evening, it struck me that faith in the future will, as always, be the fruit of neither technological method or simply a matter of the appropriate structures, necessary as these are, but will ultimately be inspired and nourished by the witness of a community focused on the mission of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

The people we have met throughout the consultation process so far have been testament to Christian discipleship that is alive, intentional and engaged with contemporary pastoral realities.

st pats parishioners4-1Over the Easter break we will continue processing the data received so far, including the online submissions which have flowed in, and share them with our diocesan agencies for their response.

Remember, for those who may have already attended a consultation session please don’t hesitate to write to us via this website and share any ideas that have since come to mind.

We are only at the beginning of a conversation and need your continued prayer and suggestions for the future years of our mission.

Yours in Christ, Daniel

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