Pastoral Planning for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

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iStock_000011869612Small[1] - Copy 800 x 600Below you will find links to a number of resources to help your parish or community grow and share its faith. These include worksheets and prayers to assist your group put Faith in Our Future into action, as well as links to websites and blogs offering the very latest resources in Church planning and parish renewal from Australia and abroad. This page is updated regularly to ensure your community and our Diocese has access to the very best resources for our mission in Western Sydney and beyond.


Please click here for worksheets and prayers written specifically for parish pastoral councils, parish ministry groups, and migrant communities to make the most of our Pastoral Plan.


Please click here for significant documents of the Church related to the renewal of parish and community life as well as documents shared throughout our Parramatta planning process


Please click here for the latest in Church research from Australia as well as overseas, including reports on why Catholics stop attending Mass, pastoral strategies to respond, and results of the 2011 National Census relevant to Church renewal and growth.


Please click here for links to online resources, including blogs and websites focused on parish and community renewal. It includes links to websites focused on parish pastoral councils and strategies for parish evangelisation among others.


You will soon be able to click here for a bibliography of pastoral and academic articles and books that are available from our Pastoral Planning Office on request. We have assembled a broad range of literature to support your parish community, ministry group or individuals in the mission of a growing and shared faith.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact our Pastoral Planning Office direct by phone (02 9831 4911) or by email


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