Pastoral Planning for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

Parish Ministry Groups

Page66In each of our parishes there are a number of ministry groups that support and foster pastoral life, including sacramental teams, liturgy committees, music ministries, family groups, finance committees, grief and bereavement teams, the St Vincent de Paul Society, CCD, Legion of Mary, and youth ministries to name only a few. These groups are essential to the way in which a parish grows and shares its faith with others.

Parish ministry groups will find of particular interest the list of parish actions contained within our Diocesan Pastoral Plan. These parish actions can be downloaded and read here.

A step-by-step implementation guide has been prepared specifically for parish ministry groups such as yours, allowing your ministry team to discuss and select which of the parish actions best suits the needs and potential of your group. The guide can be downloaded here.

It is recommended that parish ministry group leaders and members also discuss their ideas and insights for renewal with their parish priest and parish pastoral council. This will help generate additional ideas for your ministry group, foster collaboration across the parish, and ensure that the parish and its various ministries have a common sense of purpose and direction as they seek to grow and share the faith of the entire community.

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