Pastoral Planning for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

100 Parish Actions

page25Parishes are communities of the Christian faithful, empowered by a common baptism and gathered around the Word and Eucharist for the sake of the worship of God and discipleship in the world. Parishes are central to the life of our Diocese and serve as centres of sacramental encounter, prayer and catechesis, pastoral care, Christian outreach and many other activities which build up the life of the Church and take the Good News of Jesus into the wider community.

It is important that parishes review and renew their activities as well as plan for the future so they can move forward with confidence and purpose. The list of parish actions provided on this website represents the wisdom of our communities gathered through consultation, and that of our pastors, as well as research into the best practice of parishes both here in Australia and overseas.

Your parish may already be doing many of the good things outlined in our Diocesan Pastoral Plan. However, there will also be actions that your community can take up to grow and share its faith with greater vitality. While this list of actions is not exhaustive, it does offer each parish a starting point to review its present activities and to meet the challenges and opportunities for growth and mission in the years to come. These actions are also applicable to migrant chaplaincies in the Diocese.

Every member of our parishes and migrant communities can contribute to the mission of our Church by reading through these ideas and suggestions, discussing them and planning for action with their priests and leaders, parish pastoral councils, ministry groups and fellow parishioners. Implementation guides are included at the back of the Pastoral Plan and on this website which provide advice on how your parish or migrant community can begin to bring these various initiatives to life.

To read and download the parish actions of Faith in Our Future, click here.

Accompanying worksheets and prayer sheets can be found here


Welcome and Evangelise (A Supportive Parish Resource)

Welcome and EvangeliseThe resources offered in this booklet have been gathered to assist your parish community, parish council, ministry groups and individual members to put our new Diocesan Pastoral Plan into action.

Since the launch of Faith in Our Future (2014-2018) our parishes have been reviewing their life and ministries, discussing the opportunities and challenges of growing and sharing our Catholic faith in a new time, and planning for new forms of outreach in the wider community.

As part of our commitment to supporting each and every one of our parishes, our Pastoral Planning Office offers in this booklet recommended resources in two key areas of parish life – welcome and evangelisation.

Hard copies of this resource are available from our Pastoral Planning Office. Contact us on (02) 9831 4911 or email 

To read and download the Welcome and Evangelise booklet, click here




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